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FAQ Please read through these frequently asked questions, your answer may be here!

1. How much money can I make with Bedfellow Cash? 2. How do I get paid?
As much as you would like! Just take a look at our programs page to check out our handy chart to see how your earnings grow with rev-share. You can also choose the Pay Per Join option and take all of the commissions up front. It's that easy! We offer several payment options for you to choose from. You can be paid in the form of a check, via a wire transfer or by Epassporte. There is a wire transfer fee of $25 deducted from all wires and a minimum payout amount of $500 is suggested. Checks and Epassporte payments are issued without any charges.
3. When do I get paid? 4. Is there a minimum payment amount?
We will send your check one week after the end of the pay period. Pay periods run from the 1st to the 15th of the month and the 16th to the end of the month. There are some exceptions for holidays but generally we send out the payments on the 7th and the 22nd of each month.. Bedfellow Cash members benefit from no hassle timely payments as we are very diligent with our payments!! You earned it so we will get the money to you! That is how a partnership was meant to work. We do have a minimum payment amount of $100. We will carry forward any earnings accrued until such a time that the $100 minimum is met.
5. How do I know how much i've earned? 6. How is Bedfellow Cash different / better?
You have access to all of your statistics all the time. We have summary and detailed statistics of your traffic and sales which can be broken down by period and day. Regardless of which payment options you have chosen to use you will be able to quickly and easily determine how much money you have earned in any given period! Bedfellow Cash v2.0 is not only loaded with great features, killer content for webmasters and amazing statistics it works along side of one of the most respected names in the adult industry; Bedfellow! What does that mean to you? The money is in the bank and we are going to be here tomorrow just as we have for the past 7 years.
7. Are the statistics real-time? 8. Do you have banners and/or content?
Yes they are. We track traffic and statistics in real time and make this information available to all of our affiliates with our detailed daily statistics. This tool will show you everything that has happened hour by hour for any given day! Of Course! We have a wide selection of banners in standard sizes, half page, full page and odd sizes. PG, R, and X rated banners are available! With our selection tool you will easily find the best banners for your site. We are also proud to offer a wide assortment of content that our affiliates can freely use on their sites to promote Bedfellow.
9. How many payment options do you offer? 10. I'd like to change my password / email / address?
We have two amazing payment options for our members. Our most popular is our 60/40 revshare program but we also offer a flat rate program for those affiliates interested in instant gratification. All of these changes can be easily made within the program. If you experience any problems or would like assistance with any changes to your account, simply email us at: or contact your rep directly and we can make the changes for you.
11. How can I check rebills and earnings from the former Bedfellow Cash program?
If you still have members and rebills in the old Bedfellow Cash (prior to Nov 7th, 2006) you can access the old stats by logging into the members section and viewing 'Legacy Stats' in the stats section.  

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